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Our Services

Dedicated Iban

Personal Iban in your own name

Dedicated Card

Physical and virtual Mastercard or debit card linked to your account

Trust custody account

Trust account in EUR, USD,

Custody PRO Exchange

Instant Exchange Crypto
to Fiat and Fiat to Crypto

Crypto Payments

Spend your crypto with card

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Our Aim

Today more and more people seek access to the Crypto World

but in everyday life we are not yet equipped to accept payment in cryptocurrencies which means that people need to convert them into Fiat (normal currency such as the dollar, the euro etc.). And this is not always a straightforward task in the ordinary banking system.

The aim of FinTech is to provide you with the opportunity to manage this process, hassle-free and all within a single account.

You’ll be able to manage your crypto wallet and easily convert it into Fiat, make wire transfers, and get and use debit and credit cards and much more.

about us

We are a FinTech company

Based in the UK, we provide a range of different financial services to both private and corporate clients, thanks to the licenses granted to DTSCB and its partners:

Azure Psystems Ltd/ legal entity code 12108869.
Registered address: 102 Langdale House, 11 Marshalsea Road, London, United Kingdom, SE1 1EN.
The company is authorised and licensed to conduct financial activity such as to provide IBAN, manage electronic payments and to issue debit and credit cards through mobile banking and e-wallets to private and corporate clients, in accordance with the FCA (Financial Conduit Authority) in the United Kingdom.

UAB “Dovre Forvaltning”/ legal entity code 302589746.
Registered address: Konstitucijos Avenue 7, Vilnius, Lithuania.
The company is authorised and licensed to provide financial advice consultation and the management of collective investments (UCITS FUNDS) and individual managed accounts, regulated by the Central Bank of Lithuania. Cospay Ltd/ legal entity code 07805564.

Registered address: One Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A 7BL, United Kingdom.
The company operates as an Electronic Money Institution and issues Corporate Credit Cards to corporate clients.

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